SPHERA is a system designed for operation with sheet metal forming machines. It can be used with laser, plasma and water jet cutting machines. The software is very intuitive. The interface is very similar to popular office suites, which makes it easy to learn and quickly implement during everyday work. SPHERA can be installed locally or accessed via a network, to enable operation on different computers and in different locations

Sphera is the first CAM system developed in Poland that enables automatic positioning of parts within the sheet of the material, so-called nesting. Users who purchase Sphera may, at an extra fee, also buy our innovative cutting-edge nesting engine, which makes the preparation of nesting designs much easier.

The software is available in 6 languages:

  • Polish
  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Spanish


  • Simple user interface, quick and easy use:
    We emphasise speed and easy access to all functions. Quick configuration shortens the time required to adjust the programme to a specific machine. With the intuitive user interface, which resembles the latest office suites, any user can quickly learn how to operate the programme.
  • Automatic nesting:
    The advanced algorithm enables maximum use of sheet area and quick nesting of parts on any number of sheets. In the automatic mode, SPHERA positions the parts on a single sheet or all available sheets without the user’s involvement, based on size, shape, thickness of the materials, piercing points and exit points. It is also possible to nest parts on scraps saved in a graphic format.
  • The software enables automatic, manual or mixed operation.
    • Automatic:
    The programme uses automatic nesting of selected parts (or parts sent from the database), sorts the cutting path and creates the NC code on that basis.
    • Manual:
    The user positions the parts on the sheets and selects the cutting order, and the programme generates the NC code.
    • Mixed mode:
    Combination of the two previous modes – the user can make any changes at each stage and then the programme does the rest.
  • Common cut:
    The system enables common cuts between multiple parts or restriction of common cuts to a single pair of parts (with micro-joints or special notches) Benefits: Reduction of machine operation time, savings on gas, optimum use of the material.
  • Material and scrap library:
    The user can use sheets prepared earlier with a specific material thickness and size. The programme adapts the cutting parameters accordingly. All information about the parts is saved in a database organised in such a way that the users can easily find the information they need.
  • Production management:
    This is a new feature designed to assign a specific status to the work plans saved in the database. This function can be used to easily group together specific sheets.
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