Work Plan Manager


Work Plan Manager (former MasterNEST) is an automatic nesting tool for tool cutting machines available as a part of Linea5. It accepts parts defined as .dxf files as well as parts or designs created using CAD/CAM modules of other Compdata tools.

Parts can be defined using the following means:

  • List
  • Records of intermediate products
  • Production cycle
  • Data for the nesting algorithm (part status, filler, material grain, rotation angle, symmetry, pairing of parts, etc.)

Sheet shape can be defined at will, but it is usually rectangular. It can be defined using a list or data for the nesting algorithm.

Properties of the nesting algorithm in the MasterNEST application:

  • Sheet selection criteria – reduction of material losses
  • Reproducible sheets – standardisation of system operation, reduced complexity of the NC code
  • Work plan authentication – verification of plan/tool consistency
  • Common cuts – part nesting to reduce the number of cuts
  • Nesting optimisation
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