CAM software – what is important?

From the point of view of production managers and business owners, the choice of CAM software that will run a CNC machine park is a crucial subject. The material consumption and work-time optimization of the cutters lies in the company best financial interest.

The first thing we probe when selecting a new CAM software is its compatibility with the equipment we currently own or will buy in the near future. Manufacturers will always propose their dedicated solution. Branded software allows the creation of an appropriate NC files, yet it is limited to the driver of a specific brand. Software available commercially enables the integration of machines of many brands and types.

Secondly a purchaser should consider is the complication of implementation and training of the operators. Software that is not ergonomic and adaptable, and which allows an inexperienced operator to make changes that can cause damage to the material should certainly be rejected. A system with a layout that refers user-known environments, informs about all errors in manually placed parts and guides the user through the process of nesting, will be the best option. Even better if the nesting would be done in total automation.

In case of an employee leaving the company, it is extremely important to preserve as much of the present know-how as possible. When deciding about the software purchase, we should pay attention to how much time is needed to train operators and how many operations inside the system will require manual entry or intensive supervision. The software should automatise as many processes as possible. Older, more complicated to use and less automated software may harm the overal company production capability in case of a qualified employee loose.

Another issue that needs to be mentioned is the software’s impact on the company’s finances. Reduction of the project deployment time in combination with the material and head movement optimization and the ability to make adjustments in the proposed head paths for specific technological needs – all of those positively affect the company’s production costs.

The price of the system is also very important. The value of the CAM software licenses can exceed 12 000 to 24 000 EUR, depending on the configuration and functionality. Our product – CAM Sphera is an example of a software that do not have to sacrifice quality due to an affordable price. If you are looking for an affordable software that will handle Amada, Trumpf, Bystronic, Euromac, Prima Industrie, LVD, Mazak, Salvagnini and KT7 machines, please contact us at +48696473533 or

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